AS/400 (IBM iSeries) – Basics

High Level Of Integration:

Unlike traditional systems that generally separate their database and application development tools from their operating system, the AS/400 offers a full fledged operating system that integrates most aspects of the machine and user interface.  On the AS/400, the work management, storage management, database, control language, query management, security management and application development tools are all pre-loaded and integrated into the AS/400 operating system.  It offers the following advantages:

  • It provides a single, consistent interface to all the system functions.
  • It greatly reduces the cost of the system. (Less add on prices for creating new applications in the system)
  • It greatly reduces the need for technical support.

Object Orientation:

Almost everything in the AS/400 environment is treated as an object: programs, files, libraries, commands, user profiles, job descriptions, folders, subsystems, job queues, message queues, and output queues.

Relational and Integrated Database

DB2/400 is the name of the integrated database within AS/400.  The advantages of an integrated database are standardization of data definitions and structures, lower initial and maintenance costs, automatic data management and processing, and improved productivity.


AS/400 (IBM iSeries) – Basics

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