Ad Blocker | HTML Firewall

Ad Blocker / HTML Firewall

Typically, when a website is being loaded, it will have HTML references to third party domains for content/script to be run.  The third party content/script may be advertisements, user activity tracking cookies or even malware.  Ad Blockers or HTML Firewalls are used to prevent such Third Party Content from loading.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an HTML firewall which can be installed in Popular Browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  It is fast, memory efficient and lightweight.

uBlock Origin helps to prevent content/scripts from third party domains from being loaded, thereby protecting you from advertisements, tracking cookies and malware.

uBlock Origin also helps to speed up the loading of the current website that you are accessing and also reduces the amount of data being transferred for the load to take place.

uBlock Origin – Element Blocker

uBlock Origin (uBO) includes an Element Blocker, which allows you to point to any “unwanted” elements in a website that was not blocked by uBO’s default blocking list.  See below screenshots demonstrating how this works:

[1] Open any web site.



[2] Press on the uBO plugin button in your browser and select the Element Picker icon.                                                             Ublock_Origin_Element_Picker_1


[3] Select any element on the current loaded webpage, which you do not want to see in the future.


  [4] Locate the “Create” button and click on it. Ublock_Origin_Element_Picker_3


[5]  Reload the page.  The selected element will no longer be loaded !!!




Ad Blocker | HTML Firewall