Backup Setup for Important Files

Backup Setup for Important Files

It is essential for everybody to setup a file backup mechanism to periodically backup their important data to an external hard disk / online storage, so that it is not lost due to a computer crash or computer theft.

Recommended category of files to backup would be:

  • Project Files (Personal and Office Related).
  • Important Personal Documents – Scanned copies of Certificates, Bank Statements, Tax Receipts, etc.

A folder should be defined in Windows as the Backup Master Folder.  Keep all your important folders and files under the Master Backup Folder.

Install a Backup Software – I would recommend Cobian Backup.  Cobian is a lightweight software, it is easy to setup and it allows to schedule the backup jobs to be run periodically.  It creates a Shadow Copy of the files to be backed up and hence, files in-use/locked would not affect the backup operation.  The backup job will also prompts the user if the backup did not succeed for some reason (for example: If the destination path is unreachable).

Cobian backs up files and folders in their original format – example: A “.docx” Word document is saved as “.docx” in the Destination location, unlike Windows Backup and CrashPlan Software, where the files might be existing in an “archive” format and may not be easily browse-able.  Hence, it is quite easy to restore files backed up using Cobian.

Cobian allows for Full, Differential and Incremental backups.

A sample Cobian screenshot is provided below.




Backup Setup for Important Files