Datacenter Site Inspection

A Datacenter Site Inspection should, at a minimum, cover the below areas:

  • Assessment of Physical Security and Access Controls surrounding the DC premises, building and DC floor.
  • Assessment, on a high level, of the Environmental Controls of the DC (HVAC, Electrical, Fire Suppression).
  • Assessment of other Operational / IT controls.
  • Sighting of the below documents:
    • The TVRA (Threat & Vulnerability Risk Assessment) performed for the DC.
    • Physical Security, Access Control, IT and Operational Controls – Policies and Standards.

Datacenter Security Assessment

Ask the DC in-charge to present their DC controls which typically includes:

  • DC locations in the country and region
  • DC Design Overview
  • Proximity and Connectivity to Internet Exchanges
  • Floor Plans
  • Chiller and Cooling Provisions – HVAC
  • Electrical Provisions
  • Fire Suppression Controls
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Industry Certifications
  • Physical Security and Access Control Strategy
  • Perimeter Zoning
  • Customer Responsibility Definitions
Datacenter Site Inspection