Communication Best Practices

Communication Channels

In the order of effectiveness of general communication:  Face-to-face > Phone call > Email.

Complex Ideas: Layout idea in a PowerPoint/Word/Excel Document, communicate through email and follow up with Face-to-face or Phone call presentation.

Meeting Minutes

If the points discussed and decisions taken are important, follow up after the meeting with a meeting minutes to have everything recorded in black-and-white.  If the details discussed are not so important, or if their is already a strong drive for proper controls being included in the project, then do not sweat the small details (no need to capture in black-and-white, and spend the time on more important tasks).

Capture all the IT Security and Risk related discussion and decision points for a project in one single document for central tracking.

Conflict Resolution

Always ensure that written communication is “toned down” and is highlighting the best of intentions.  Any conflict should be resolved through a face-to-face meeting or through a phone conversation.

Communication Best Practices

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