Reusable Excel Macro for Data Analysis

Reusable Excel Macro (VBA Code) for Data Analysis

As IT Professionals, we use Microsoft Excel heavily to carry out simple Data Entry, Manipulation, Analysis and Reporting through the course of our work.  The depth of productivity that most professional manage to achieve through Excel is limited to Formula calculations, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables and Graphs. However, there is an immense value that can be unleashed if laymen IT Professionals realized how Powerful, Useful,Reusable and Efficient Excel Macros (VBA code) were. Below is an attempt to present to everyone, a repository of Sub Routines and Functions that can be frequently reused in Microsoft Excel for easy Data Manipulation and Analysis in everyday work.

Getting Started

Create a Macro enabled Excel file (with file extension “.xlsm”).  Press “Alt + F11” to reach the Visual Basic Editor.  Paste the sub module and functions hosted at the below GitHub Repository into one of the Modules. Create a main macro and call the below defined sub modules / functions with the appropriate parameter values to invoke functionality.

Reusable Excel Macro for Data Analysis

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