Direction In Career

Finding Direction In One’s Career

God created every person with a certain set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to abilities and skills.  For example, a person might be very good at Math but would be a bad singer.  Another would be a very good speaker but not a good actor.

Rather than worrying about your weaknesses and trying to get better at them, concentrate the major chunk of your efforts on Leveraging Your Strengths!!!

Don’t go after “entrepreneurship” and “being your own boss” to “make the big bucks” if you are not good at managing uncertainty and are not willing to put in like 20 hours a day of hard work, 7 days a week.  Find a day job where you are able to put in your consistent 8 hours of work, and make friends, and where you know your pay check is guaranteed and you can hit the office doors at 6 pm in the evening every weekday and chill at home on the weekends with family.

Don’t try to become an actor and become “famous” if you do not have an ear and eye to notice behavior around you and are not willing to handle a multitude of rejections.  Rather, leverage on your love of cooking and become an Executive Chef; and later, start a Cookery Show.

Everybody is different and have their unique strengths and weaknesses.  Use the God gifted strengths you have and excel at them.  Help yourself, your family, relatives, friends and fellow human beings.  This is the best way a person can maximize his or her happiness in life and be thankful to God.

God Bless You!!! 🙂

Direction In Career